Civil War Navy Songs (CD)

A collection of sometimes rare classics, sung by Jeff Davis, Dan Milner and David Coffin.

Civil War Navy Songs Jeff Davis, Dan Milner, David Coffin CD
Civil War Navy Songs, CD, back

Track Listing:
The Fight of The Hatteras & Alabama; The Jamestown Homeward Bound; Farragut's Ball; The Florida's Crews; The Old Virginia Lowlands, Low; The Blockade Runner; The Bold Privateer; A Yankee Man-of-War; The Sailor's Grave;, The Brooklyn, Sloop of War; The Alabama; The Fate of the Pirate Alabama; The Monitor & The Merrimac


Period ballads from the Union and Confederate Navies, and the Home Front.

These thirteen authentic Maritime songs from the era of the American Civil War intone the story of war on the water. They were sounds of the cramped quarters of the Union and Confederate fighting ships, as well as merchant craft that sailed in constant peril, of bustling taverns and variety theatres where sailors and citizens alike recharged their patriotic spirit, and of the parlors of homes where loved ones waited in fear and longing. Drawn from northern, southern and British sources, they are performed by an all-star crew of singers and musicians. 52 minutes. 36 page booklet. Extensive notes and historic images.

Produced by Dan Milner, Smithsonian Folkways. SFWCD40189.


Jeff Davis, folk songs and traditional American music

About Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is one of the nation’s foremost performers, interpreters and collectors of traditional American folk music.

"A fine interpreter of traditional song" Sing Out!
"An excellent banjo frailer and fiddler" The Living Tradition
A "charismatic master" whose "knowledge of this repertoire is second to none." NetRhythms
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