Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still (CD)
The Warner Collection, Volume 1 - Various Performers

Field recordings of ballad singers along the East Coast, made by Frank and Anne Warner between 1939 and 1966.

Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still, Volume I

Track Listing:
1. House Carpenter - Rebecca Jones 2. Tom Dooley - Frank Proffitt 3. Single Girl - Frank Proffitt 4. Freight Train Blues - Richard Hamilton 5. Convers. W/Lee Monroe Presnell - Lee Monroe Presnell 6. I Went to See My Molly - Lee Monroe Presnell 7. River of Life - Buna Hicks 8. Babies in the Wood - Dorothy Howard 9. I Dropped the Baby - Dorothy Howard 10. Solas Market - Edith Perrin 11. Wakes in the Morning - Edith Perrin 12. Where Did You Get That Hat? - Edith Perrin 13. Mail Day Blues - J.B. Sutton 14. Nobody Knows - Susan Sutton/J.B. Sutton/Sue Thomas 15. Gilgarrah Mountain (Whiskey in the Jar) - Lena Bourne Fish 16. Somebody's Waiting for Me - Charles K. Tillett 17. Bony on the Isle of St. Helena - Charles K. Tillett 18. Come Love Come - Eleazar Tillett 19. Get Along Josie - Tom Smith Hey 20. Days of '49 - John "Yankee" Galusha 21. Springfield Mountain - John "Yankee" Galusha 22. Convers. W/Eleazar Tillett - Eleazar Tillett 23. Jolly Thresher - Eleazar Tillett 24. Chimbley Sweeper - Rebecca Jones 25. Convers. W/Rebecca King Jones - Rebecca Jones 26. Barbara Allen - Rebecca Jones 27. War Cry - Louis Solomon Mohawk Chant 28. Old Woman in the Garden - Frank Proffitt 29. James Campbell - Frank Proffitt 30. Convers. W/Frank Proffitt - Frank Proffitt 31. Lowlands Low - Frank Proffitt 32. Skin and Bones 33. Two Little Blackbirds - Elda Blackwood 34. Uncle Ned - Elda Blackwood 35. Tommy - Martha Midgett 36. Hold My Hand Lord Jesus - Sue Thomas 37. Jolly Roving Tar - Lena Bourne Fish 38. Castle by the Sea - Lena Bourne Fish 39. Deep Elm Blues - Richard Hamilton 40. Farewell to Old Bedford - Lee Monroe Presnell 41. Sometimes I'm in This Country - Lee Monroe Presnell 42. Top of Mt. Zion - Buna Hicks 43. Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim - Linzy Hicks 44. Been to the West - Steve Meekins Been to the East 45. Lass of Glenshee - John "Yankee" Galusha 46. Irish 69th - John "Yankee" Galusha 47. Cumberland and The Merrimac - John "Yankee" Galusha 48. Lonesome Valley - Manny Curtis 49. Grandmama's Advice - Mrs. Wolf 50. Oh, I Like It - Edith Perrin Kiss Me 51. When I Die - Edith Perrin 52. Young Beham - Roby Monroe Hicks 53. Poor Ellen Smith - Homer Cornett 54. Johnson Boys - Frank Proffitt 55. Little Maggie - Frank Proffitt 56. Palms of Victory - Linzy Hicks 57. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - Martha Etheridge/Eleazar Tillett/Martha Etheridge 58. Let's Make a Date - Eleazar Tillett/Melissa Etheridge/E Tillett/M. Etheridge

73 minutes. Produced by Jeff & Gerret Warner


Includes a 36 page booklet.Recorded between 1939 and 1966. Includes liner notes by Josh Michaell, Jim Musselman and Jeff Davis. All tracks have been digitally remastered. Liner Note Authors: Gerret Warner; Jim Musselman; Jeff Warner; Tim Eriksen.

Her Bright Smile Still Haunts Me serves a full plate, offering up nearly 60 folk songs (most, under a minute) that form a telling piece of American history. The performances range from light and entertaining to haunting, from solo vocalist to a family chorus (most of the vocalists are unaccompanied by instruments). This volume includes performances by Frank Proffitt, Edith Perrin, "Yankee" John Galusha, and many more, and the repertoire includes a few well-known folk songs such as "Tom Dooley" and "Little Maggie," but most of the songs will be new to most listeners. Included are also some brief, informal conversations between the Warners and the musicians that would make anyone smile, displaying the comfortable rapport and friendliness between the Warners and the folks they recorded. Since these are field recordings, the sound is not perfect. The lyrics are always audible, but a number of tracks have a heavy hiss due to the state of the vinyl from which these recordings were rescued. Regardless, this is a wealth of traditional songs delivered with heartfelt warmth and personality." ~ Joslyn Layne


Jeff Davis, folk songs and traditional American music

About Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is one of the nation’s foremost performers, interpreters and collectors of traditional American folk music.

"A fine interpreter of traditional song" Sing Out!
"An excellent banjo frailer and fiddler" The Living Tradition
A "charismatic master" whose "knowledge of this repertoire is second to none." NetRhythms
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