Nohthing Seems Better to Me (CD)
The Warner Collection, Volume II - Various Performers

The music of Frank Profitt and North Carolina

Nothing Seems Better to Me - Volume II

Track Listing:
Mule Skinner Blues-Frank Proffitt; Going 'Cross the Mountain-Frank Proffitt; Tom Dooley-Frank Proffitt; Conversation with Frank Proffitt; Tom Dooley-Frank Proffitt; Conversation with Buna Vista Hicks; Sally Ann-Buna Vista Hicks; Drunkard's Doom-Buna Vista Hick;s Awake, Awake My Own True Loveyer-Lee Monroe Presnell; My Sweet Soldier Boy-Lee Monroe Presnel;l Oh Bud-J.B. Sutton; When Sorrows Encompass Me Around-Linzy Hicks; George Collins-Nathan & Rena Hicks; Bolamkin-Frank Proffitt; Cripple Creek-Frank Proffitt; Hangman-Frank Proffitt; Poor Soldier-Frank Proffitt; Pretty Polly-Frank Proffitt; Paul Jones-Charles K. Tillett; The Southern Girl's Reply-Eleazar Tillett; Only a Friend-Curt Mann; Rocky By Baby-Rebecca King Jones; Captain, O Captain-Rebecca King ;Jones Wake, O Wake, You Drowsy Sleeper-R. Jone;s Sweet By and By-Frank Proffitt; Cindy-Frank Proffitt; Groundhog-Frank Proffitt, Jr.; Nothing Seems Better to Me-Joseph Henry Johnson; The Snow Is on the Ground-Eleazar Tillett; Conversation with Eleazar Tillett; Fisherman's Girl-Eleazar Tillett and Martha Etheridge; Beaver Dam Road-Frank Proffitt; Conversation with Frank Proffitt;W P and A-Frank Proffitt (Going Where); My Troubles Will Be Over-Frank Proffitt; Kicking Up Dust-Frank Proffitt, Jr.; Johnny, O Johnny-Buna Hicks; The Two Sisters that Loved One Man-Lee Monroe Presnell; Old Virginny-Lee Monroe Presnell; Conversation with Lee Monroe Presnell; Johnny, You Are My Darling-Lee Monroe Presnell; Muskrat-Roby Monroe Hicks ;Young Johnny-Roby Monroe Hicks; Sourwood Mountain-Frank Proffitt; Trifling Woman-Frank Proffitt; Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss-Frank Proffitt; Wild Stormy Deep-Homer Cornett

(2000) Various artists


"Frank and Anne Warner made a number of recordings over a forty-year period of time and donated them to the Library of Congress in 1972. Now, thanks to Appleseed, these recordings have been made easily available for scholars, lovers of old-time music, and the curious. The Warner Collection, Vol. II concentrates on the music of singer, guitarist, and banjo player Frank Proffitt. His recordings represent almost half of the selections here. Proffitt had a deep love for music and played hundreds of songs for the Warners, with whom he developed a close friendship (they would save 250 of Proffitt's letters). Today, Proffitt's name is primarily associated with the famous murder ballad, Tom Dooley." ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

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Jeff Davis, folk songs and traditional American music

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Jeff Davis is one of the nation’s foremost performers, interpreters and collectors of traditional American folk music.

"A fine interpreter of traditional song" Sing Out!
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